Welcome to django-contentadmin’s documentation!

Templatetags that let your constumer modify static text and images directly in the django admin.


Using easy_install

If you have easy_install available, you can type:

easy_install -U django-contentadmin

Using pip

If you prefer pip, run:

pip install django-contentadmin

Install the in-developmen version:

pip install -e hg+http://bitbucket.org/surfeurx/django-contentadmin


django-contentadmin has a relatively easily-met set of requirements.

  • django 1.2+
  • django-form-utils
  • easy_thumbnails


Add 'contentadmin' to you INSTALLED_APPS. then run syncdb or migrations:

python manage.py migrate contentadmin

Contentadmin contains the following templatetags.


{% load contentadmin_tags %}
{% blocktext [page_name] [block_name] [admin_text] %}default text{% endblocktext %}

where admin_text is optional.


{% load contentadmin_tags %}
{% blockimage [page_name] [block_name] [width] [height] [admin_text] %}{{ MEDIA_URL }}default_image.jpg{% endblocktext %}

admin_text is optional. You can access to the admin to modify your texts and images. The modified images are automatically resized with easy_thumbnails.


If you modify block_name or page_name they still exists in admin, to remove them automatically add:

{% load contentadmin_tags %}{% unusedblocks %}

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